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The Booked Photographer is a highly intensive group coaching program for photographers who are committed to attracting their ideal clients, becoming fully booked and creating consistent $5k+ months for themselves and their families.

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You Are the Perfect Fit to apply if...
✔️ You have been struggling to find and book ideal photography clients

✔️ You have found yourself doing all the marketing things to fill your calendar, but inquiries are still few and far between

✔️ You are passionate about photography and want to make at least $5000 per month (the TBP method has also helped photographers break 6 figures per year)

✔️ You are tired of trying to DYI it and you are craving a proven process, accountability and support from someone who has been there, done that and can show you the way.
real Photographers. Real Results.
There's More...
On the Brink of Giving Up to Reaching Six Figures!
Struggling to Convey Value to Consistent $3000-$4000 Sales from Seniors + Family Sessions!

From Working Endless Hours to Working Less but Making More!
"Before I heard of Heather, I was unsure how to take my business to the next level. I am so happy I invested in coaching.  I have a newfound confidence in my pricing, marketing and communication with my clients! I am now able to bring in so much more income without working as much as I used to! Heather is amazing!"
- Dina
From Self-Doubt to Established Photographer!
"After working with Heather, my attitude shifted from self doubt to can-do! I used to give all the digitals for a small amount, but now I am offering in person sales, I have an established Senior Model Program and I work less but make more! Heather helped me realize that I am much more capable and that I can have a business that is fun and beneficial for my family! God put Heather in my life at the most perfect time and I am so grateful! She is the best!"
- Brooke
From Struggling to Knowing her Worth!
"Prior to working with Heather, I was struggling knowing what direction to take my business in. I didn't know how to get the word out there and I didn't know how to get people to pay the prices that I wanted to charge. After coaching, I now know exactly what to do next to keep getting people to walk in the door and I don't feel bad about the prices I charge because I am worth it!
- Jessica
From Stuck in a Rut to a Booming Business and More Income in the Two Months Than All of Last Year!
From Unsure How to Convey Value to Brides to Booking $6000 Weddings!
From Little Money to Most Profitable Year to Date!
"Before working with Heather, I wasn't making any money and my confidence level was the lowest of lows. After learning these strategies, everything has shifted 100%! Coaching with her has changed everything for me! In ONE week, I booked 11 paying clients. And they have all been referring me like crazy!  My business actually makes a profit now. I love what I do and the clients I get to photograph. And I also think it's important to mention that I'm in a town of 400 people, but since I've learned how to properly educate my clients, I am now rocking higher sales! Bottom line - sign up right now because it totally works!"
- Dani
From Negativity to A Brand New Studio!
"Before working with Heather, I was all over the place and lacked support. I was stuck in negativity and really wanted to re-brand and start fresh but didn't know how. Heather has kept me accountable and helped me hammer out new prices that I'm actually confident in! Because of this I can actually afford a studio that I've always wanted! Heather was the lifesaver that my business desperately needed!"
- Karen
From Zero Sales to a First Order of $3000!
"Before working with Heather, I wasn't making any money in my business and struggling to balance out my day job, family life and photography. But right after I joined and went though the first lesson, I made a $3000 sale! I actually feel like I can do this now.  And coming from someone who has a full time job and triplets, Heather's tips how to automate business tasks so I can enjoy time with my family were some of my biggest takeaways."
- Eric
From Zero Clients to Now Booking Perfect Clients Months in Advance!
From No Job to Booking 9 Clients And Making $6300 in One Day!
Now, It's Your Turn...

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